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Southern Living (SpaceMob/Answer Media, 2017)

  • Conceptualized framing and prep work based on existing Southern Living articles.
  • Wrote script copy
  • Did PA and prep work
  • Light camera work
  • Worked with vendors in Arkansas to gather props and cross promote
  • Lead Director

Shells, “Christmas in Hawaii” Music Video (2016)

  • Prepped cross promotion with local vendors to be in video
  • On-set PA
  • Camera work
  • BTS footage and photos

BreakThru News (2013/2014) 

  • Wrote questions/script copy
  • Post-Production edits

The Normalization of Drones
Drone Journalism
Year in Review 2013

Matt Nathanson, “Modern Love” (2012)

  • Conceptualized video with small team
  • Drafted copy for posters, then created posters (props)
  • PA work
  • Approached people to be in the video
  • Aided with first edits

Severe Happiness (DoubleTake Productions, 2010)

ROCKtheCASA promo from Erin Zimmerman + Meredith Schneider on Vimeo.

Wooten Wedding Music Video from DoubleTake Productions on Vimeo.

Rehearsal Dinner Dance from DoubleTake Productions on Vimeo.

Erin&TimZim from DoubleTake Productions on Vimeo.

Newcomer/Wooten Slideshow from DoubleTake Productions on Vimeo.