I have been doing hair and makeup for special events for years, just turning it into a lucrative side hustle in the last six years or so. Myself and a colleague – often, my sister – go on-location to bring your vision to life. (Check out this fun spread on Wedding Wire with work we did at my sister’s wedding!) Convenience, fun, and a relaxing experience all rolled into one?

Why not?

In 2018, I began working with White Carpet Bride on occasion throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area!

But that’s not the only way I “beautify” the world. I am also an avid event planner, aiding with many corporate functions, music showcases (currently with, non-profit, and social events. I have been known to complement wedding planning, and am a DIY master when it comes to planning a menu, whipping up baked goods, cooking, and thrifty crafting. (I even lent my culinary skills to Broadway events and a Broadway choreographer’s wedding!)

Need some finishing touches to enhance your big memories? You can count on me!