Bouncing around the country and spending time on both coasts and in the midwest, I’ve always fallen into writing-heavy positions. Social Media, writing, editing, print, digital media, band/artist bios, resumes, etc. I’m a quick typist and a creative thinker. I beat out my classmates to attend the spelling bee all five years a child could go, so I’ve got my spelling game on. And my grammar? It’s a step above… everything. But the best part is I have a marketing-heavy background which has allowed me to look at the bigger picture and message with my freelance clients, applying SEO and other long-term strategies to their game plans.

My knowledge and experience with both the creative and business sides of so many different ventures makes me an ideal candidate to conceptualize and enact ideas to propel your brand and/or talent into new spaces.

I am currently a contributor at PlaylistPlay.com and the former Editor in Chief at Impose Magazine, which made Top 100 Most Influential Music Sites in the World under my direction in June 2017. I was also the Editor in Chief at Moshery during its run, which allowed me insight on starting a lifestyle + entertainment publication. I have been a Contributing Editor for Serial Optimist, LocalRuckus, and BreakThru Radio. My work has been featured on Buzzfeed Morning Links (TWICE!) and Daily Viral. I have been a Featured Torero, and have also been published on Rebelle Society and Quarter Life Joy!

Looking for a freelancer or new member of your editorial staff? Reach out now!